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Founder Report

The first data set on UK LGBTQ+ founders and VCs. Ever.
Original research incepted, designed & powered by Proud Ventures.
Anonymous stories shared by LGBTQ+ founders.
5 actionable recommendations for every investor.
4 themes of data findings.

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LGBTQ+ Founders and Investors are concealing their identities

75% of LGBTQ+ founders reported concealing at points their identity from investors.

Research is clear that concealment for LGBTQ+ people leads to negative health and cognitive impacts.

Investors are widely overlooking LGBTQ+ founders.

Just ⅓ of investors who said they were taking action to support 'diverse' founders were doing anything to support LGBTQ+ founders.

In addition to this inactivity, a few founders shared shocking examples of direct queerphobia and discrimination they faced as part of their fundraising process.

LGBTQ+ founders face additional barriers to raising capital, especially women*, gender and ethnic minorities

Our data showed that gay founders raised 2.25x more than bisexual and 22x more than lesbian founders and cis men founders raised 2.5x more than cis women founders and 10x more than trans founders.

Our data also showed positive and negative correlations for sexual and gender minorities in terms of capital raised by how open they are about their identity.

The LGBTQ+ community is diverse and varied, with many different experiences.

Our data showed significant differences in experiences between founders who were gender and sexual minorities, as well as those who are part of other minority groups.

When engaging with the LGBTQ+ community, people should keep an open mind that it is not a monolith with a single shared experience.

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